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Rainbow Roses are always an eye catcher in any floral arrangement. Their bright mix of colours and mysterious appeal always makes a great gift to anyone. But beyond its beauty, have you ever wondered where rainbow roses really come from? Or how rainbow roses are made? They are a flower full of mystery, elegance and colour ! Read below to find out some of our favourite rainbow rose facts! 

Did you know that…

  • Rainbow roses petals are artificially coloured?
    • This is a very intricate process that involves more than just painting colour on the petals. The artificial colouring technique uses the roses' natural process of drawing up water through its stem. Different parts of the stem is dipped in different coloured water, which results in the absorbed water colouring the petals of the rainbow roses petals. 
  • Other flowers use this method too?
    • Rainbow roses aren’t the only ones that undergo artificial dyeing. Other cut flowers such as chrysanthemums, carnations and some orchids sometimes use this process as well. 
  • Rainbow Roses are of Dutch origin?
    • Peter Van De Werken was looking for a new way to heighten demand for flowers and decided upon using the vascular system of plants when it proved too difficult to paint the petals.
  • That each Rainbow Rose is unique?
    • You probably guessed it by now, but because of how rainbow roses are made, that makes each one unique! This is another reason why it is the perfect flower for the unique, special someone in your life

We hope you learned something new and fun about Rainbow roses today! Check out Shalun ar Flower Shop’s most popular Rainbow Roses here.

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