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Giving Valentine’s Day flowers is a tradition among many couples. But Valentine’s Day flowers are also used to express love not only between partners but also families and friends. Valentine’s Day is a day committed to expressing your love to your loved ones, and valentine’s flowers can help get your message across. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of our most popular Valentine’s Day arrangements and why they could be right for your Valentine’s Day flower needs.

One dozen roses boxed

Red roses are a timeless Valentine’s Day classic. Conveying a meaning of love and passion, gifting red roses to your partner on Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to express your love and emotions for them. Order from varieties of a 6 rose bouquet, a dozen rose bouquet or even more!

The FTD Blushing Beauty Bouquet

With its mix of Asiatic lilies and mini carnations, this is perfect for the mother figure in your life. Showcased in a square vase, this a sense provides elegance and pristine which makes for a great centerpiece in the home. The pastel colours of the flowers come together perfectly and sweetly, perfect for a mother

Pretty Pink & Purple Bouquet

Once again, roses appear on this list, but not in their traditional red colour. Our Pretty Pink & Purple Bouquet is a top seller at Shalimar Flower Shop. It is a versatile Valentine’s Day bouquet that can be gifted to just about anyone! With its hot pink roses representing appreciation and its deep purple roses showcasing enchantment, this arrangement is a go to for many of our customers.

Bold Blue Roses in Love

As one of the rarest shades of rose, blue roses are great to gift to that unique person in your life. Symbolizing mystery as well as ___, Shalimar Flower Shop’s Bold Blue Roses in Love will be sure to put anyone in awe at their beauty.

Be My Friend Yellow Rose

If you and your friends are celebrating Valentine’s Day with each other, our Friendship Rose is perfect for you. Yellow conveys a meaningful message of friendship and joy. This vibrant yellow rose along with a cute little teddy bear is the perfect way to let your friends know you appreciate them.

These are just some of Shalimar Flower Shop’s most popular Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. If you would like to see all of the other Valentine’s Day arrangements that Shalimar offers, click here to see the Valentine’s Day collection. 

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