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Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to say “I’m Sorry” to someone? Sometimes we can’t fully express our emotions with words, especially when it comes to apologizing. This is where I’m Sorry flowers come to the rescue! There are a variety of apology flowers that can help you express your condolences and apologies for any occasion.  

Red Roses For romantic relationships, red roses are used to express love, but can also be used to express an apology in a romantic way. Send your unconditional love, along with a personalized card message, to the romantic in your life.

White Lilies With a meaning of humility and devotion, lilies as apology flowers can show how sincere your apology is to a loved one. Recommended for apologizing to the partner or spouse in your life.

OrchidsA versatile, powerful and luxurious plant, orchids are a good floral option for the men in your life. Flowers are often stereotyped towards women, but an orchid may be right up his alley as a unique and thoughtful way to apologize.

Yellow Roses Typically, yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, so there is no doubt that a bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect apology flower for a close friend.  

White TulipsA representation of new beginnings and forgiveness, it couldn’t be more obvious why tulips convey an “I’m Sorry” message. Specifically white tulips, as they convey a sense of joy in the receiver as well.

So do you now know what apology flowers best suit your needs? We hope this guide will help you be able to express your apologies to the right person in the future.

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