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Scented Love Rose Arrangement in Premium Polish Vase


Our Scented Love Rose Arrangement comes with Six Elegant & Eye Catching Red Roses Stemming from a Delicate Premium Polish Vase.   

Simply Elegant Rose Bouquet


Rose Bouquet brings together lush red roses to make a lasting impression. Gorgeous red roses are simply accented with a variety of fresh greens and perfectly situated in a classic clear glass vase to create a flower bouquet that conveys...

Pretty 6 Rose Bouquet


One half dozen premium red roses with baby's breath & foliage, wrapped & tied. A rose classic!

Pink & Red Love Dream in Premium Polish Vase


This Valentine's Day themed arrangement is perfect for your special someone this Valentine's Day. With stunning pink lilies and radiant red roses, this arrangement says 'I Love You' in the best way.

Forever Bloom


Our Forever Bloom Arrangement is a stunning and unique way to send your love this Valentine's Day. With 3 beautiful roses and red crystals at the bottom, this arrangement will be sure to warm someone's heart.

Ring of Love


Send your sweetheart a Ring of Love this Valentine's Day! Our unique donut shaped glass comes with radiant long stem red roses within and a matching heart shaped love balloon to accent it!

Blessing Bouquet


Our Blessing Bouquet comes with 12 gorgeous red roses in beautiful ceramic container to keep for long time. Order a premium size of our Blessing Bouquet and recieve 18 flourishing roses. Also Available in White or Pink or Yellow

Bright Berry Rose Arrangement


Enjoy elegant red roses developed by spaces of vibrant yellow & orange in Shalimar's Berry Bright Rose Arrangement. Lush greenery gives this arrangement its finishing touch.

Regal Rose in Glass Orb


<br data-mce-fragment="1"><br> Our Regal Rose in a Glass Orb is an unforgettable gift. It is sure to be one of the most unique floral gifts they will ever receive!

Sweet Angel Arrangement


Our Sweet Angel Arrangement is full of delicate daisies & regal red roses representing purity & deep affection. Among the blooming flowers is a white ceramic angel decoration, a special touch tour recount will be sure to appreciate.

The FTD® Love Always Bouquet by Vera Wang


FTD® proudly presents the Love Always Bouquet by Vera Wang. Celebrate Valentine's Day in style with this stunning rose bouquet brought together by none other than style icon, Vera Wang. Rich red roses, hot pink roses, and pale pink roses...

The FTD® Fall Fire Bouquet


The FTD® Fall Fire™ Bouquet blooms with the bold, rich colors of the autumn months to create a warm and unforgettable gift. Rich red roses are paired with orange bi-colored Asiatic Lilies to create a harvest display your special recipient...

The FTD® Fascinating Luxury Bouquet


Fascinate and captivate your love. Nothing speaks from the heart more than our 24-inch premium long-stemmed rich red roses, situated in a superior 14-inch clear glass tapered bullet vase to create a classic display with a romantically sophisticated twist. A...

The FTD® Irresistible Luxury Bouquet


Blossoming with roses and open-cut calla lilies this exquisite flower bouquet will bring wonder and elegant beauty into their everyday. Brilliant fuchsia roses are arranged next to white open-cut calla lilies accented with lily grass blades for an impressive effect....

Graduation Rose Bouquet Bundle


Celebrate this year's graduating class with this classic bouquet of red and white roses (12 stems), a helium-filled balloon and a full-sized graduation card.

Loving Roses in a Premium Polish Vase


This four red roses arrangement in a premium Polish vase featuring a rose design. The arrangement includes a small balloon and a small teddy bear.

Love Combo 10


6 Long stem Red roses with filler. chocolate and Teddy

Love Combo 7


Six Long stem Red roses with filler, included is a small balloon, Lindor chocolate & teddy bear

The FTD® Always True Bouquet - All Red


The FTD® Always True™ Bouquet blossoms with love's tender message. Rich red roses and carnations are accented with fuchsia mini carnations and lush greens arranged to perfection in a classic clear glass vase to create an exceptional way to convey...

The FTD® Always True Bouquet


The FTD® Always True™ Bouquet blossoms with love's tender message. Rich red roses and carnations are accented with fuchsia mini carnations and lush greens arranged to perfection in a classic clear glass vase to create an exceptional way to convey...

The FTD® Love Wonder Bouquet


The FTD® Love Wonder™ Bouquet bursts with the beauty and magic of love's finest moments. Brilliant red roses are brought together with fuchsia tulips and lush greens in a classic clear glass vase to create a bouquet rich in romance...

The FTD® Love is Grand Bouquet


The FTD® Love is Grand™ Bouquet brings together everyone's favorite blooms to celebrate the love you share with your special someone this Valentine's Day! Brilliant red roses are surrounded by hot pink spray roses, pink carnations and pink mini carnations...

The FTD® Soul's Splendor Arrangement


The FTD® Soul's Splendor™ Arrangement is a rich display of the love shared throughout the life of the deceased. Brilliant red roses are elegantly displayed in a white designer plastic urn and accented with lush greens and red satin ribbon...

The FTD® Lavish Luxury Bouquet


Lavish your special someone with a bouquet that will leave them breathless. Silky red 24-inch premium long-stemmed roses offer a message of passionate love and affection arranged amongst a bed of white hydrangea blooms elegantly accented with clusters of green...

Precious Love Bouquet 2020


A red glass cube vase is arranged with red carnations, red miniature carnations and complementary greenery. Affordably precious.

Love Combo 13


Twelve Red Roses in vase with Teddy and balloon

Rose for Love Red Rose Bouquet


The red rose is undeniably the most beautiful among all the roses, full blooded and rich. The incredibly beautiful Cleopatra used the red rose to carpet her bedroom when she received Antony. All roses convey warmth, affection and love in varying...

FTD® Dearly Departed Casket Spray


The FTD® Dearly Departed™ Casket Spray bursts with the love and passion that the deceased had for their life and loved ones. Rich red roses and carnations are gorgeously arranged amongst lush greens and accented with a red satin ribbon...

Lovely Heart Floral Arrangement


Red roses , Red carnation white spider mum and Eucalyptus Heart

The FTD® True Romance Rose Bouquet


The FTD® True Romance™ Rose Bouquet is the perfect expression of love and passion to make this a truly memorable Valentine's Day. A bright burst of color, this bouquet combines red, pink and fuchsia roses, accented with beautiful greens and...

The FTD® Glorious Luxury Bouquet


Open their heart to the rich glory of nature's most eye-catching hues. This unique and sophisticated bouquet offers a gift of beauty like none other. Brilliant golden Mokara orchids are the perfect pairing to our bright red 24-inch premium long-stemmed...

The FTD® Basket of Dreams


The FTD® Basket of Dreams™ blooms with vibrant color to capture their every attention. Red roses, magenta carnations, red Peruvian lilies, purple double lisianthus, red mini carnations, heather and lush greens are beautifully arranged in a natural woodchip basket and...

Starburst Love Floral Arrangement


Six Beautiful Red Roses in a Clear Glass Premium Square Vase with Fancy Green Palm Leaves & Greenery.

The FTD® Happiness Bouquet


The FTD® Happiness™ Bouquet is blooming with vibrant color to bring smiles and delight to your special recipient! Orange roses and fuchsia carnations are brought together with a variety of lush greens and accented with curly willow branches to create...

Triple Rose Bouquet with Vase 2019


Choosing roses for your Anniversary shouldn't be hard. That's why our simple, elegant and expressive Rose Trio is a perfect Anniversary gift. Give her your love with this simple, elegant love-offering of 3 roses in red, white and pink, in...

The FTD Red Rose Bouquet


Nothing speaks of love so much as a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Arranged with seeded eucalyptus in a classic glass vase, this bouquet is a gift to her heart from yours.

The FTD® Love-Struck Rose Bouquet


The FTD® Love-Struck™ Rose Bouquet uses a touch of Cupid's magic this Valentine's Day to usher in romance and sweet love. Bright red roses and hot pink spray roses are artfully arranged amongst lush greens in a clear glass vase...

The FTD® Deep Emotions Rose Bouquet


The FTD® Deep Emotions™ Rose Bouquet showers your special recipient with affection and admiration in sun-crushed hues. Deep fuchsia roses and spray roses share the spotlight with bright orange roses, green hypericum berries and lily grass blades gorgeously arranged in...

The FTD® Anniversary Bouquet


The FTD® Anniversary Bouquet is a gorgeous way to celebrate your sweet affection for the love of your life on your special day. Showcasing rich red roses, brilliant pink Asiatic lilies, pale pink stock and a variety of lush greens,...

The FTD Red Romance Rose Bouquet


The FTD® Red Romance™ Rose Bouquet will dazzle your special recipient with its expression of love and beauty this coming Valentine's Day. Rich red roses and spray roses are gorgeously arranged in a clear glass vase, accented with a lovely...

The FTD® Sweethearts Bouquet 2014


The FTD® Sweethearts® Bouquet blooms with roses and mini carnations to help you celebrate this coming Valentine's Day! Brilliant red roses are brought together with burgundy mini carnations and lush greens to form an exquisite flower arrangement your special someone...

The FTD® Blooming Masterpiece™ Bouquet


The FTD® Blooming Masterpiece™ Rose Bouquet is a classic expression of love and sweet affection! A dozen red roses arrive accented with lush greens, all beautifully arranged in a clear glass vase.

The FTD® Sweet Surprises Bouquet


The FTD® Sweet Surprises® Bouquet was created to spread love and caring kindness wherever it might be sent! Hot pink bi-colored roses and hot pink and pale pink mini carnations pop with their blushing hues, arranged amongst the clean white...

Sweetheart Dream Collection


A gorgeous red glass vase is arranged with six or more red long stem roses, together with white carnations and assorted complimentary greenery. Makes a simple, elegant and romantic assortment!

The FTD® Breathless™ Luxury Bouquet


  They leave you breathless with every kiss. Sweep them off their feet with 100 stems of our 24-inch premium long-stemmed red roses. Each stem flaunts the beauty of their beautiful swirling petals, gorgeously situated in a sophisticated clear glass...

The FTD® Sweet Perfection Bouquet


The FTD® Sweet Perfection™ Bouquet is an eye-catching way to capture their attention. Rich red roses and carnations are beautifully set amongst baby's breath and lush greens in a classic clear glass vase to create a sweet sentiment of love...

Special Love Combo


Our best six red roses in a vase with filler and a small teddy along with a box of Chocolate. 6 Long stem roses in vase with filler attached a teddy bear and a Box of Chocolate. Approximately 15" to...

The Precious Heart Bouquet by FTD®


The FTD® Precious Heart™ Bouquet is an expression of love and sweet surprises that is set to truly delight your special recipient! Popping with the swirl of hot pink roses surrounded by the alluring textures of red matsumoto asters and...