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Spring is upon us! With the harsh winter weather behind us (hopefully), spring is ready to bring sunshine and good moods to brighten our days. And what other perfect way to welcome Spring into our homes than with bright and beautiful Spring flowers?  Let us enlighten you on what are the best in season spring flowers you should bring into your home. 


  • Daffodils are the epitome of Spring flowers. Coming in bright colours such as yellow and orange, the daffodil represents rebirth and new beginnings, perfect for welcoming Spring into your home. It is also the birth flower of March! So if you know someone with a March birthday, daffodils are the way to go. 

TulipsBrampton, ON Florist

  • Looking to add a variety of colour to your home? Tulips are the way to go! With a seasonality of March through to mid-May, tulips are a beautiful way to welcome Spring. Like daffodils, they can also be associated with rebirth, but more commonly mean deep love. With an exclusive seasonality, don’t miss out on your chance to get tulips this Spring! 

Lily of the Valley

  • This is a springtime favourite, as it can brighten up any garden or home and offers a lovely fragrance as well. It is traditionally associated with sweetness and purity and actually translates to “that which belongs to May.” 

HyacinthsBrampton, ON Florist

  • This bell shaped flower blooms at the same time as daffodils, producing one flower stalk standing around 8” to 10” in height. Hyacinths come in a variety of colours, including white, cream pink, rose, lavender, red and more than we can name! These flowers are perfect for Easter and springtime.

We hope you’ve learned a little bit more about our favourite Spring flowers and helped you decide which flowers you should get in order to welcome Spring into your lovely home. What's your favourite Spring flower? Let us know down in the comments below!

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