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You might be asking yourself, why give flowers on Easter? First off, there’s never a wrong time to give flowers, no matter the occasion. But giving Easter flowers can represent many things to the recipient, They are most commonly associated with the religious symbolism but also represent new life that is anticipated with the coming of Spring weather. So now that you know why we give flowers on Easter, let’s dive into the most popular flowers to give on Easter.


TulipsTulips | Brampton, ON Florist

  • Tulips are a popular gift for the Easter season as their bright blooms begin in the Spring. Depending on the colour, there are a variety of things they can represent. Purple tulips convey royalty, yellow convey joy and pink convey happiness. Tulips mark the start of the Spring season for many, brightening moods and lifting spirits.

Easter Lilies

  • The lily is the most traditional Easter flower to give. Their bright white colour symbolizes the purity of Christ and its trumpet liked shape represents the loud trumpet sound that Jesus has risen. They are also referred to as ‘the white roped apostles of hope.’

Daffodils  Yellow Daffodils | Brampton, ON Florist

  • Daffodils are also a Spring flowering bulb, and are most popularly given around Easter in Europe. Once again, these Easter flowers are associated with new beginnings, and it is accrual one of the first perennials to grow after Winter is over. Daffodils come in a variety of colours, such as yellow, purple, white and yellow.


  • Daisies, like the lily, also represent innocence, purity and new beginnings. Perfect flowers for welcoming Springtime. Their other brightly coloured varieties are also known to represent cheerfulness, which is exactly what comes with warmer weather and Springtime. We think daisies are perfect easter flowers to add some joy to a setting. 

The key relationship between all these Easter flowers is the fact that they represent new beginnings and warmer weather ahead. Any of these Easter flowers are perfect for adding some Spring flare to your decor, welcoming the new season and simply making loved ones cheerful. Let us know in the comments what flowers you would like to get for Easter! 

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March 16, 2021 — Kaitlyn Hall

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