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Have you been feeling down lately and you’re not sure how to lift your spirits? We have the perfect, simple solution to your problem. Fill your spaces with flowers and plants! Flowers have been proven to have beneficial effects on our moods and also on our mindset. Think back to the last time you were out in nature. Whether you were hiking, on a bike ride or simply going on a walk, you probably felt better and more relaxed when you were in the fresh air and surrounded by nature’s elements. 

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Here are only a few of the benefits of surrounding yourself with flowers:

❀ Boosts creativity & idea generationsunflowers | Brampton, ON Florist

❀ Increases productivity

❀ Boosts attention span & improves focus

❀ Improved sleep from lovely scents

❀ Stress relief

❀ Overall improved satisfaction 

Best flowers for your well being

  • Daisies
    • Daisies have a long vase life & bring a sense of cheerfulness to any space with their bright coloured petals
  • Roses
    • Roses are not only a symbol of love, but also a symbol of balance. One study in the Journal of physiological anthropology found that office workers who looked at roses felt less stress and more comfortable than other coworkers. 
  • Orchids
    • Orchids have a year round availability, making their stress reducing effects perfect for any time of the year. They’re also known for being great for the practice feng shui in an environment.

We hope we’ve convinced you of the multitude of benefits flowers can provide to you and that you consider placing some around your home in order to improve your well being.

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