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Sending flowers on Mother's Day is more important than ever this year. Mother’s Day 2021 will be our second Mother’s Day in lockdown because of the novel Coronavirus. Because of restrictions put in place to keep us safe, it is a reality for a lot of us that we will not get to spend the day with our Mom. What better way to let Mom know you’re still thinking of her than with flowers? We’ve curated a list of our most popular Mother’s Day flowers and what they will mean to your mom when you send them. Let us help you stay connected this Mother’s Day.  

Terrific TulipsTulips | Brampton, ON Florist

 ✿ A Spring celebration such as Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to give fresh, newly in season, tulips. Tulips offer a variety of brightly coloured bulbs that go perfect in any Mother's Day bouquet or arrangement.

Shop our Tulip collection here.

Colourful Chrysanthemums

 ✿ Why not give your mum a ‘mum’? Chrysanthemums are a staple for bringing together most arrangements, but also look lovely on in their own bouquet! Mom will be sure to appreciate some mum’s this Mother’s Day.

Shop our Mum collection here.

Outstanding OrchidsOrchid | Brampton, ON Florist

 ✿ Orchids are flowering plants that will last quite a while. They also come in a variety of colours, so you can choose whatever colour you believe best represents your mom. A suggestion - pink orchids specifically represent elegance, poise and femininity, which will be perfect for any mother.

Shop our Orchid collection here.

Calming Carnations 

 ✿ From soft colours toCarnations | Brampton, ON Florist bright colours, you can't go wrong with carnations. Did you know that white carnations were the first flower to be sent on Mother’s Day in 1907? Carnations also have the added benefit of lasting longer than other flowers as well. 


We hope these flowers have given you inspiration in regards to what Mother’s Day flowers to send your Mom on May 9th. Shop our favourite Mother’s Day arrangements here! 



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