Pop the Belly & Grab the Goodies - CLASSIC

$64.99 $85.00


Celebrate Easter with family or friends with this super attractive. Easter Bunny stuffed balloon. A fun way of sending an Easter-themed gift.
Belly Includes
 - Easter grass
 - 5 mini balloons
 - 6 mini nut-free Chocolate Bars (Kit-Kat, Smarties, Aero Coffee Crisp)
 - Personalised Letter from 🐰The Bunny  (Specify kid's name for letter)

Colors Available: Pink, Blue, Green, and Silver - specify color when ordering

Overall Dimensions:  Stands almost 5' tall

Availability: Available for pick-up from the store or delivery to any GTA Location 

Notice Period: 3-5 days notice to satisfy order inventory and personalized letter

Pick-up location: Garfella Dr and Martin Grove intersection, Etobicoke. We will provide you complete address upon the order. For pick-up, place an order with the following information:  Color, Quantity, Pick-up Date, Time, Contact number, Your Name, Kids Name ( for Letter)

Pick-up Date: Any day from 7th to 10th April 2023