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Flower vases are often an overlooked part of a floral arrangement but they are very crucial to the overall look and finish of a floral arrangement. There are many different shapes, finishes and designs of flower vases that will help give that final touch of elegance to your floral arrangement. 

Cylinder vase 

Cylinder vases are good for creating long, loose arrangements and they are also one of the most common and affordable vases you’ll find. A versatile flower vase as different heights can be put together to create a stunning look. Adding an abundance of greenery and foliage to these vases also make it look full and beautiful. 

Bouquet vase

I bet you didn’t know that this flower vase was specifically for bouquets! With its hourglass shape and  flared top, it gives lots of rooms for flowers to be arranged. As it has a larger base, this type of vase looks good with larger top flowers to balance it out. The bouquet vase also allows for varying heights of arrangements.

Square Vase

Add a touch of elegance to your bouquet or floral arrangement with a square shaped flower vase. Most commonly used as centerpieces in homes or at events, square based flower vases are a great focal point of any room decor and can be matched with the theme of the event or season.

Ceramic Vase

Ceramic flower vases offer more variety in terms of colours and designs of vases. Shalimar has multiple different variations and shapes of ceramic vases that you can add onto your order.

We hope this post gave you some insight into all the different types of flower vases there are, and how there are a variety of different options to choose from when ordering your floral arrangement from Shalimar Flower Shop.

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