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As the nice weather approaches, the bird of paradise flower reminds us of international travel and tropical destinations. Maybe it's the first time you are seeing this flower, or perhaps you are already curious as to where it came from and what it represents. In this blog series, we discuss topics such as these as we explore a variety of flowers to provide you with a new understanding of the flowers you purchase. This week, we explore the exotic bird of paradise flower. 


The bird of paradise, from the genus Strelitzia, originates in South Africa and is commonly known as the crane flower. It was introduced to England in 1773 and was also introduced to parts of central and South America. The flower gets its name from its unique shape which resembles a tropical bird in flight. A fun fact about this flower is that the giant bird of paradise can grow up to 30 feet high. Also, be sure to keep the bird of paradise flower away from cats and dogs due to its toxicity.

There are several species of Bird of Paradise birds which have a variety of different colours and traits. Check out this video here to see one of the many species who is known for his elaborate dance!

Symbolism & Meaning

The bird of paradise flower symbolizes joyfulness, paradise, freedom, anticipation, and excitement. Furthermore, it represents faithfulness, love and thoughtfulness while being the official flower of the ninth wedding anniversary. It is also representative of having a good perspective on life. 

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We hope that you enjoyed this brief overview of a remarkable flower; they make the perfect summer gift and can allow you to bring the tropics home this year! We hope you learned something new that you can use when buying flowers online right here at the Shalimar Flower Shop. 

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