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Scented Love Rose Arrangement in Premium Polish Vase


Our Scented Love Rose Arrangement comes with Six Elegant & Eye Catching Red Roses Stemming from a Delicate Premium Polish Vase.   

Ring of Life Arrangement


Surprise them with this unique floral arrangement encased in a glass donut orb vase, It will be sure to make anyone's day!

Bold & Beautiful Colourful Flower Arrangement


Enjoy this luscious growing garden of bright & colourful flowers. With vibrant orange birds of paradise, among yellow, red and purple flowers, this arrangement is sure to add a pop of colour to your home.

Gorgeous Silk Floral Arrangement (Artificial Flowers)


This stunning silk floral arrangement is a great addition to a home. Silk flowers will last forever and make any space beautiful.

Succulent Dish Garden in a Box


Uniquely presented succulents with a cactus in a lockbox. Approximately 10"W x 11"H

Gerbera Daisies in a Premium Polish Vase


Simple but stunning gerbera daisy arrangement in a premium Polish vase.

Elegant Floral Wonder in a Ceramic Vase


This elegant floral arrangement features lilies, calla lilies and roses in a ceramic vase.

Exquisite Floral Garden Arrangement


Featuring birds of paradise, this arrangement will be sure to impress.

Modern Elegance Floral Arrangement


This one of a kind floral arrangement comes in a beautiful and premium artistic vase.

Nature's Charm Floral Arrangement


This stunning arrangement features premium flowers and an artistic handmade premium vase.

Loyal Love Floral Arrangement in a Vase


This floral arrangement comes with beautiful flowers featured in a ceramic white vase.

Bright Berry Rose Arrangement


Enjoy elegant red roses developed by spaces of vibrant yellow & orange in Shalimar's Berry Bright Rose Arrangement. Lush greenery gives this arrangement its finishing touch.

Pink Ice Bouquet


Made up of flowers smooth as silk, our Pink Ice Bouquet will be sure to light a fire in the recipients heart. Comes in a brown ceramic vase.

Royal Snowdrop Bouquet


Our Royal Snowdrop Bouquet is a unique arrangement of flowers. With its striking qualities, it is sure to please any recipient.

Sunflower Sunshine Arrangement


These bold sunflowers are sure to catch anyone's eye. Surrounded buy abundant greenery & delicate orange roses, these cheerful flowers are ideal for any occasion.

Rustic Plants in Dish Garden with Blue Stone


Bring home some exotic cacti and a succulent to liven up any space, Surrounded by radiant blue stones, these plants are sure to please the eye in your home.

Rustic Cacti in Dish Garden


Bring some greenery into your home with these rustic cacti with flowering to add a pop of color, Comes with cacti with flowering & a succulent, surrounded by glossy pearl shells.

Decadent Chocolate Gift Set


Our decadent assorted chocolate gift set will pair perfectly with any of our floral arrangements, adding that final touch to show you care.

Blushing Pink Elegant Floral Arrangement


They'll be sure to blush when they recieve this lovely arrangement. This modern Blushing Pink Elegant Floral Arrangement features a mix of pink lilies, roses and more. 

Grace & Elegance Floral Arrangement


This beautiful floral arrangement is a perfect gift to show you care. The arrangement includes a modern clear glass vase. Approximately 13"W x 18"H

Vivid Floral Arrangement in a Ceramic Vase


This beautiful floral arrangement features vivid colours and blooming flowers to brighten the day of someone special. The arrangement includes a premium white ceramic vase.

Perfect Wrapped Pink Long Stem Roses 2020


One dozen long-stemmed roses arrive beautifully wrapped in premium mesh cloth with a ribbon. Standard comes with 12 roses Deluxe comes with 18 roses Premium comes with 24 roses

50 - 100 Assorted Carnations


Not sure what flowers someone would like to receive? We recommend our assortment of 50 or 100 Carnation mix! Perfect for people who just want a little colour in their life.  Comes in rainbow colour in cello with 4 stems...

The FTD® Grace Grandeur Exquisite


The FTD® Graceful Grandeur™ Rose Bouquet offers your special recipient a bright assortment of roses to bring them joy with its exquisite beauty. Cream, orange, hot pink, coral and light pink roses are accented with lush greens and gorgeously arranged...

The FTD® Alluring Luxury Bouquet


Blushing with the blooms of paradise, this flower bouquet of ginger, orchids and anthurium is an amazing way to get your special recipient's attention. Soft pink dendrobium orchids and stunning pink ginger blooms are extravagantly offset by green anthurium stems...

The FTD® Irresistible Luxury Bouquet


Blossoming with roses and open-cut calla lilies this exquisite flower bouquet will bring wonder and elegant beauty into their everyday. Brilliant fuchsia roses are arranged next to white open-cut calla lilies accented with lily grass blades for an impressive effect....

Garden of Paradise in a Ceramic Pot


This lush garden dish garden features a beautiful floral plant and various green plants.

Large Lush Green Dish Garden


Beautiful dish garden perfect all year round with a Happy Birthday Balloon included. Approximately 10"W x 15"H

The FTD® Always True Bouquet - All Red


The FTD® Always True™ Bouquet blossoms with love's tender message. Rich red roses and carnations are accented with fuchsia mini carnations and lush greens arranged to perfection in a classic clear glass vase to create an exceptional way to convey...

The FTD® Always True Bouquet


The FTD® Always True™ Bouquet blossoms with love's tender message. Rich red roses and carnations are accented with fuchsia mini carnations and lush greens arranged to perfection in a classic clear glass vase to create an exceptional way to convey...

The FTD® Love Wonder Bouquet


The FTD® Love Wonder™ Bouquet bursts with the beauty and magic of love's finest moments. Brilliant red roses are brought together with fuchsia tulips and lush greens in a classic clear glass vase to create a bouquet rich in romance...

The FTD® Graceful Grandeur Rose Bouquet


The FTD® Graceful Grandeur™ Rose Bouquet offers your special recipient a bright assortment of roses to bring them joy with its exquisite beauty. Cream, orange, hot pink, coral and light pink roses are accented with lush greens and gorgeously arranged...

The FTD® Blazing Beauty Pink Rose Bouquet


The FTD® Blazing Beauty™ Rose Bouquet is sweet and sophisticated to extend your love and warm wishes. Hot pink roses blush with beauty accented with pink waxflower, ti leaves and lush greens. Arranged exquisitely in a clear glass pillow vase,...

The FTD® Lavender Rose Bouquet


An enchanting bouquet of lavender roses sweetly touches her heart. Paired with seeded eucalyptus in a stylish glass vase, these lovely roses are a perfect gift.  Approximately 14" W x 18" H

The FTD® Intrigue Luxury Bouquet


Capture their attention with blushing beauty and undeniable charm. Exquisite pink Oriental lilies and pink Asiatic lilies stretch their large star-like petals across a bed of blush hydrangea blooms to create an eye-catching bouquet perfectly arranged in a superior clear...

Precious Love Bouquet 2020


A red glass cube vase is arranged with red carnations, red miniature carnations and complementary greenery. Affordably precious.

The FTD® Festive Wishes Bouquet


The FTD® Festive Wishes™ Bouquet blooms with warmth and beauty with the elegance of sweet roses. Brilliant orange roses are arranged in a pave style accented with lush greens and presented in a clear glass cubed vase with lime foam....

The FTD® Captivating Color Rose Bouquet


FTD® proudly presents the Captivating Color™ Rose Bouquet by Vera Wang. Bursting with brilliant hues to capture their attention, these beautiful roses in the colors of fuchsia, red, pale pink, light lavender and purple are brought together with fresh, lush...

The FTD® Daylight Bouquet


The FTD® Daylight™ Bouquet bursts with sun-filled excitement and cheer expressed through each radiant bloom. Gorgeous yellow roses and gerbera daisies are accented with the golden hues of Viking chrysanthemums and solidago arranged with lush greens in a clear glass...

'God's Peace' Floral Arrangement


Show you care with our beautiful God's Peace floral arrangement made up of premium white roses and a splash of color provided by purple flowers, all in a custom made ceramic vase. 

Dozen Red Roses Arranged in Ceramic Vase


Our Favourite Special!! One dozen spectacular red roses in a beautiful white ceramic vase with baby's breath and surrounding greenery is the perfect floral arrangement for your significant other or loved one. 

The FTD® Brightly Bejeweled Bouquet


Brighten up any springtime occasion with this bouquet that blooms in rich jewel tone colors. This mixed flower arrangement is sure to attract plenty of admiring attention with Gerbera daisies (in Good), stock, carnations and roses (in Better, Best and...

The FTD® Soft Serenade Rose Bouquet


The FTD® Soft Serenade™ Rose Bouquet is a sunny and charming flower arrangement set to spread your warmest wishes. Pink roses, yellow spray roses, white hypericum berries, white limonium and lush greens are perfectly arranged within a clear glass bubble...

The FTD® So Beautiful Bouquet


The FTD® So Beautiful™ Bouquet has that "fresh from the garden" appeal that your special recipient will fall in love with! Peach roses, pink gerbera daisies, green hydrangea, peach hypericum berries and an assortment of lush greens are brought together...

Time to Celebrate Rainbow Rose Bouquet


Picked fresh from the farm to bring your special recipient a bouquet like none other, the Time to Celebrate Rainbow Rose Bouquet is a unique gift they will always remember. Hand gathered in select floral farms, these kaleidoscope inspired roses...

The FTD® True Romance Rose Bouquet


The FTD® True Romance™ Rose Bouquet is the perfect expression of love and passion to make this a truly memorable Valentine's Day. A bright burst of color, this bouquet combines red, pink and fuchsia roses, accented with beautiful greens and...

The FTD® Free Spirit Bouquet


The FTD® Free Spirit™ Bouquet celebrates life's most treasured moments in alluring blues and purples to create a fantastic gift of flowers. Inviting blue iris blooms add depth and texture to this fresh flower arrangement when set against lavender daisies,...

The FTD® Sundance Rose Bouquet


The FTD® Sundance™ Rose Bouquet employs a soft assortment of roses to create a sweet and stunning arrangement. Cream, white, orange and pink roses are simply brought together in a clear glass bubble bowl vase to make an exquisite flower...

The FTD® Pacific Paradise Arrangement


The FTD® Pacific Paradise™ Arrangement displays ginger and anthurium blooms to whisk your special recipient off to the sunny tropics with its sophisticated styling. Pink ginger, bright green anthurium and mini anthurium, green hypericum berries, queen protea and a variety...

The FTD® Perfect Harmony Bouquet


The FTD® Perfect Harmony™ Bouquet is a bright burst of incredible color and texture set to create a lasting impression. Red and fuchsia Mokara orchids are brought together to capture your special recipient's attention, arranged beautifully in a rectangular clear...

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