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Roses are one of the most popular and classic flowers that one can give or receive. But have you ever thought of the meanings behind roses and their different variations? In this blog series, we will be discussing the different types of flowers and their origins and meanings. This week, roses are at the top of our list. 


From the genus species of Rosa, the rose can be dated back 35 million years. With 150 species throughout the Northern Hemisphere, roses have always been ever prominent. A fun fact about roses is that during the 17th century, they were in such high demand that they were used for legal tender.


Disregarding the colour of roses for now, roses are meant to symbolize fiery love and passion, as they were often associated with the greek gods Aphrodite and Venus. It can be seen why they are usually the first flower you think of for a significant other!

Colours and their meanings

Roses can mean a variety of things, depending on their colour:Rose Bouquet | Shalimar Flower Shop - Brampton, ON Florist

Red Roses → Love & romance 

Pink Roses→Gratitude, admiration & joy

Blue Roses → Intrigue & mystery

Yellow Roses →Friendship & caring

White Roses → Innocence & purity

We hope you have gained more knowledge about all the varieties of roses and can use these meanings to your advantage the next time you buy roses in Brampton from Shalimar Flower Shop. 

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