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Looking for a way to showcase the holiday spirit in your home? Well, Shalimar Flower Shop’s got you covered! Holiday flowers are the perfect way to add a special touch of holiday cheer to someone’s life and to brighten up the dark winter days. We’ve curated our favourite list of holiday flowers and arrangements to put a little festivity in your home below. 


Looking for that final thing to tie all your holiday decor together? A gorgeous centerpiece can do just that. Choose a centerpiece that goes with your theme colours (i.e. red & white, blue & white, etc) to truly make a coherent statement. Shop our favourite centerpieces here.


Commonly put on the front door of a home, wreaths are the perfect way to dress 

Winter Wonders Wreath - Shalimar Flower Shop, Brampton, ON Florist

up the outside of your house, as well as welcome your dinner guests into your home. There are many variations that can be added to wreaths, such as cranberries, bows, ribbons, pinecones and more! This makes it a very customizable and versatile arrangement. Shop our most popular wreaths here


These are usually the first flowers that come to mind when people think christmas. But the funny thing is, poinsettias are actually plants! These vibrant red plants are often associated with the Christmas season because of their colour and that they are thought to represent the shape of the star of Bethlehem. 

Overall, holiday flowers have great potential to bring some festivity into any home. When you’re stuck deciding on which to purchase, sticking to classic red and white roses or carnations is a safe bet, or any wreath, holiday centerpiece or something with poinsettias. Shop our holiday collection here for more inspiration!

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